Buyers and Sellers Guides

At Empire we know selling or buying your property can be a roller coaster of a ride. Our Buyers and Sellers Guides clearly explain the Settlement Cycle to selling or buying a home in Western Australia.

You have been to countless Home Opens, have scoured the internet for properties and finally you have found ‘the one’. Now comes the legal part of the process. Contact Empire Property Settlements first and we will look over your Offer & Acceptance Contract to give you the added peace of mind prior to final signing. Our Buyers Guide gives you a step by step guide to buying a property.



Weekly home opens, the constant cleaning of your house, leaving for an hour on the weekends and accommodating for any pets. Finally, you hear the news you have painstakingly been waiting for….. An Offer has been made on your property. Where to from here? The above step by step cycle will be valuable information and Contacting Empire Property Settlements is the first step to completing the sale of your home.